Wedding & Event Services


Weddings We design all types of weddings, from huge, ornate, multi-cultural affairs to more sedate, intimate ceremonies. We take every wedding as seriously as if it were our own. Most people get married once, so there’s no second chance to create the most magical experience possible.

Our process is steeped in inspiration from all over the world. We may see something unique in a gardening magazine and amplify it to transform an entire wall at a wedding reception, or take an unusual color combination from a piece of art and translate it into a bouquet. We are also hugely inspired by travel and the way in which other cultures use flowers to demonstrate love, beauty or celebration. Inspiration is what moves us!


Special Events From corporate retreats to anniversary parties, fundraisers and baby showers, our special events are as personalized as the guests. We understand how to translate beauty through floral design in any environment, for any occasion.


Weekly Deliveries We deliver custom arrangements on a weekly basis to large or small companies, hotels, restaurants, boutiques and private homes. Flowers add a fresh, thoughtful element when employees, clients or guests walk through the door. See Contract page for more info.


Magazines, Photo Shoots, Trunk Shows We have happily provided discerning, sophisticated floral arrangements for magazine shoots, trunk shows and bridal boutiques. It’s best for us to understand the mood or product being featured so that we may truly understand how to translate that into an extraordinary floral accompaniment.